Chapter 4

Xylophonists from Vondiel and Donyɛ


Xylophonists from Vondiel and Donyɛ

Figure 4-1

Photo: The Bole-Wa road through Tuna.


Figure 4-2

Map: Interactive map of approximate location of primary research areas. (Google 2011).

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Figure 4-3

Photo: Saanti’s house in Vondiel.

Figure 4-4

Video: Women and girls preparing shea butter to a rhythmic pulse in Vondiel.

Figure 4-5

Photo: Saanti explaining his compositions beneath the mango trees in Vondiel.

Figure 4-6

Photo: Saanti retelling his family history in Vondiel.

Figure 4-7

Audio: Old cassette of El Vuur performing Lubile Prai.

Figure 4-8

Photo: View of Donyɛ from the roof of Sandaar’s house.

Figure 4-9

Photo: Vuur’s sons and grandchildren at his grave in Donyɛ.

Figure 4-10

Audio: Old cassette of El Vuur performing several compositions from the funeral cycle, starting with Saan Di Bieko.

Figure 4-11

Photo: Vuur Compound in Donyɛ.

Figure 4-12

Photo: Vuur Sandaar playing kogyil in Donyɛ.

Figure 4-13

Photo: Sandaar carving a xylophone key in his workshop.

Figure 4-14

Photo: El Vuur’s sons discussing the conflicts they each face.

Figure 4-15

Mwan performing an excerpt of Darikpon on two kogyile in Donyɛ.

Figure 4-16

Photo: Vuur Mwan reflecting upon the texts of his compositions in Donyɛ.

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