Chapter 1




Figure 1-1

Photo: Kakraba Lobi performing at the University of Ghana, Legon circa 1970.


Figure 1-2

Photo: Men dancing at Kakraba Lobi's funeral as cowrie shells are tossed on the keys of Maal Yichiir's xylophone.


Figure 1-3

Video: Excerpt of Maal Yichiir performing a section of Saan Di Bieko at the funeral of Kakraba Lobi, ending with the call for his drummer to join.

Figure 1-4

Photo: Professional portrait of El Vuur.

El Vuur

Figure 1-5

Photo: Belendi Saanti pausing for a break during a performance beneath the shade of mango trees in Vondiel.

El Vuur

Figure 1-6

Video: Maal Yichiir performing with full percussive accompaniment.

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